Your Moment Is Now

It’s time to move from having an idea to running a business. You know you were meant to be an entrepreneur, and you’ve already taken the first step by being here. Just think of all those new clients out there waiting to hear from you, and that inner confidence that is waiting to be unleashed into the powerful girl boss you are.  But all good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action. It’s time to stop wishing for it and start working for it. I know, that’s a little daunting, but the road has already been paved for you, and I’m here to help you make the journey every step of the way.


Everyone Needs A Champion

Oh girl, I’ve been there! Like you, I had aspirations of owning my own business too. It was a passion of mine since the time I was 8 years-old cleaning and selling golf balls to my dad’s friends and employees. I was fortunate to grow up watching my dad run his own successful business and I guess you could say I was drawn to the world of business from an early age. I got to witness first-hand the benefits of being your own boss – having the freedom to work on the jobs you want to work on; taking personal pride in the effort you put in and the results you see; and the flexibility to make family a priority.

I’ve hired and trained hundreds of people and grew them into their dream careers, and I’ve sat with CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies worldwide, developing marketing strategies to grow their businesses. But what I’ve loved most is championing the talents of others and helping them achieve success.

So I walked away from my executive role in the corporate world so I could stop busting my you know what for someone else’s benefit. Honestly, it wasn’t easy leaving the security of my six-figure job that I loved, but like you, I knew I was meant to be more.


All In

With an incredible support system and a whole lot of faith, I dove in full force to my own business. Life just got real! There was no more “some day”. I was all-in, and I was determined to make it!

In the months leading up to quitting my job, I got serious about laying the groundwork. Without a solid foundation, I knew my business wouldn’t grow and withstand challenges it would inevitably face. I invested in proven mentors and intentionally surrounded myself with advisors that complimented my skillsets.  

When the time came, I hit the ground running and in just three months I tripled my monthly corporate income.

  • Month 1          $500
  • Month 2          $13,225
  • Month 3          $25,994


I couldn’t help but wonder what took me so long to believe in myself and follow my dream!

Your Dreams Are Within Reach Too!

Let’s face it, navigating the business world can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.  I know that with someone to be your champion and help you build a solid foundation for your business, your success is limitless.


I’m Here To Give You A Boost…

Running my own business has dramatically changed my life, and I want you to experience the same great feeling of independence and success!

Here’s what that looks like for my clients:

  • Getting specific about their business plan and developing a short- and long-term implementation strategy to achieve results
  • Identifying and gaining confidence in their skill sets, and learning to delegate areas of weakness
  • Creating a clear messaging and branding platform that speaks directly to their target audience
  • Leaving their 9-5 to run their own profitable business
  • A balanced and fulfilling lifestyle that they get to call the shots in

Annnnd I’ve Got The Track Record To Prove It...

  • The Advertising Federation named me as with the prestigious recognition of 32 Under 32
  • My marketing campaigns and work has been widely recognized by award shows including the Ex Awards, Reggie Awards, Effie Awards, Telly Awards, AIGA, Bronze Quills and PRSA
  • I started the Experiential and Events department at Minneapolis’ largest independent marketing agency, growing the team from 5 to 32 in six years, and was the youngest member on the agency’s leadership team
  • The marketing campaign I created for Target is one of the longest running campaigns to date and increased the budget by 1,100% over the course of four years
  • I’ve pitched, sold and implemented $14M+ award-winning campaigns for the likes of Target, UnitedHealthcare, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Columbia Sportswear


Is Coaching Right For You?

Trust me, I’ve been there. On the verge of making the leap, but not quite sure of how and what to do next. Or even after you’ve made the leap, you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all of those initiatives that all seem to be of high priority!

Don’t fret. You’re not alone in navigating this exciting venture. 

You deserve to make your dream job a reality! A business that you’re passionate about and that gives you the flexibility and financial freedom you desire. And that’s exactly what I’m here for – to guide you step by step on your journey to success.


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Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

You really can have it all, so stop believing the lies that you have to choose only one thing to excel at or that makes you happy. I know, because I’ve been there. It’s time to take control of your life and re-define what’s possible.

Don’t get me wrong, just deciding to make the change is not enough. You have to put in the effort. But when it’s your passion and it’s your business, it’s no longer your work, it’s your lifestyle.

By establishing boundaries and following my proven process, you’ll be well on your way to living the life you’ve dreamed of.


How Did I Do It?

Coffee. Lots of hazelnut coffee. And a serious serving of motivation and vision. I was sick of running on that hamster wheel constantly chasing something I had limited control over. After having my son and being asked if I was going to choose to work or stay home, I knew that was a choice I didn’t have to make. And you don’t either.

My passion about empowering working women to achieve their dreams and have it all became my primary mission. I cast a clear vision of what that looked like and established boundaries that I knew would set me up for success. And by the grace of God, this burning passion of mine has grown into a business with true purpose, and one that’s actually making a difference not just on the careers of other women, but in their overall mindset and happiness too.

When you succeed, we all succeed. Because we’re living out our purpose and engaging with others from a place of genuine joy. We’re better in our work with more balance and priorities in check, and that makes us better for ourselves, our families and our friends.


The Time Is Right For You If…

  • You’re serious about running your own business
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with getting started, or stuck in making true progress
  • You’re willing to put in the effort and you recognize that success doesn’t come easy
  • You can’t imagine running on that hamster wheel any longer
  • You’re ready for someone to guide you through it and you’re not afraid to be held accountable
  • You’re ready to CRUSH IT and show the world what you’ve got!
  • You recognize that you’re worthy of success and all that comes with it


How Does Private Coaching Work?

  1. Submit an application [link to google form application] and I’ll follow up to arrange a free 30-minute discovery call with you
  2. We’ll discuss your business model and vision and identify the hurdles getting in your way. We’ll also dive into what drives you, and what you envision for yourself and your business in the months and years ahead.
  3. I accept a limited number of people into my program each quarter. If after getting to know each other better we determine we’ll work well together, you’ll be accepted into the program and making the first exciting step in your journey to success! You’ll receive your coaching contract and make the purchase that sets you on the path to your new life!
  4. You’ll receive your Rise & Shine Sisterhood Swag Bag that has all the tools you need to get organized and get started, and we’ll schedule our recurring development sessions.
  5. We’ll lay the foundation and implement a strategic plan with step-by-step deliverables and action items. And I’ll be excited to watch you and your business grow every step of the way.


What’s Included


Establishing Vision & Goals

  • Understand what’s driving you as a businesswoman and build upon that purpose
  • Define success and don’t back down
  • Get specific about the core components of your business, and how they’re supporting your goals
  • Develop goals and tangible next steps with accountability and encouragement in place to see you through

Finding Your Groove

  • Structure your day to maximize efficiencies
  • Create a schedule that prioritizes work and family time
  • Establish systems that help you develop your time management skills and keep you focused
  • Know what you’re good at and learn to outsource what you’re not
  • Establish boundaries that set you up for success

Defining Your Audience

  • Get to know and understand your audience so you can speak directly to them in a relevant way
  • Create a persona that will serve as your litmus test for communication going forward
  • Learn how to identify your ideal client(s) for better ROI

Message & Brand Positioning

  • Craft clear and consistent messaging that resonates with your audience
  • Understand your competitors and what differentiates you in the marketplace
  • Build a brand, not just a business, that represents you and your vision


  • Develop a strategic marketing plan with actionable items you can deliver on
  • Build a multi-channel approach that’s right for your business (social, digital, live, traditional)
  • Identify your value proposition and leverage it to attract new clients

Pitch Perfect – The Art Of The Sale

  • Gain confidence in yourself, and the product/service you’re selling
  • Learn how to make the sale and close the deal
  • Present like a pro – in person and on paper

Mastering the Right Mindset

  • Overcome imposter mentality
  • Improve your confidence
  • Learn to trust and believe in yourself
  • Silence the negative thoughts and amplify the messages you should be focusing on

Financial Freedom

  • Take an honest look at where you’re at and where you’d like to be – then develop actionable steps on how you’ll get there
  • Learn when to invest and when to be frugal
  • Let go of the fear that’s driving your decisions and limiting your progress



The Investment In Your Future

You’re worth it, and it’s time for you to start believing that and trusting in your talents!

$6,000 or 3 payments of $2,000

Space is limited


We rise by lifting others

Because I sincerely believe this, I donate 10% of all coaching costs to The Dwelling Place Shelter, an organization helping survivors of domestic violence grow into thriving, confident women in their communities.