For many people, selling a product or service can be a little overwhelming, and oftentimes it’s downright uncomfortable. Whether you work for a large company or you’re a solopreneur, chances are you’re selling something on any given day, even if “sales” isn’t part of your job description. Think about it, even the IT director has to sell through his plan to senior leadership for increasing the company’s laptop assets.

Sales doesn’t always mean it’s to a direct customer. And it doesn’t always represent a product or service.


People do business with people they trust and like. It’s that simple.


Strip away all of the complexities of your business; the differentiators that make your product or service superior to your competitors; the price point. While all of those talking points are important, it’s easy to dive in and deliver your pitch and lose sight of the factor that’s most important:


Without first establishing a rapport, your bullet points and differentiators may be appealing, but chances are the conversation won’t be memorable.

Now I’m not a big fan of small talk… and I’m an introvert, so learning to humanize the sales processes was a difficult lesson for me to learn. Early in my career I always wanted to get down to business and be direct. And while I can still appreciate having a clear and direct message, I’ve come to learn that the longest, and best client relationships have been the ones that grew out of a personal connection.


Building a rapport doesn’t mean you have to become BFF’s with your client, or share your life stories. But it does require an effort on your part to ask them questions, take the time to listen to their answers, and genuinely care about what it is they’re telling you.


This isn’t just the most important part of your sales pitch; it’s the most important part of doing business with others. It requires a little extra time if you’re truly vested in it, but with lasting relationships as a result, it’s time well spent.


And when you’re ready to start finessing your sales pitch process, you can download my FREE Pitch Perfect Guide. I’ll walk you through 10 easy steps that’ll have you pitching like a pro in no time.


And remember, people don’t buy products. They buy the people selling it to them.

As always, dream big!