It's the marketing channel that's surprising brands. 

The marketing world has seen some pretty drastic shifts over the past decade in the way brands not only reach, but also connect with consumers. There’s this little thing called “the internet” that contrary to some brands’ beliefs, caught on and isn’t going anywhere. Hello game changer. Fast forward a few years and combine digital and social media with Millennials and brands are having to completely re-think they way they talk to their consumers. The fact of the matter is that without an integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy, brands just don’t stand a chance.


It’s no longer enough to put a clever ad in front of consumers and expect that they’ll feel compelled to buy.



They know when they’re being advertised to and will go to extra effort to avoid it. They want brands to be authentic and genuine, and they can tell when they’re not.



If a consumer wants to interact with a brand, they will, but it’s typically on their terms. They’re not going to like, follow or buy from just anyone. They want to know what the brand stands for before they give them their time, attention and money.



When a consumer discovers a brand they like, they want to be more connected. They want an experience associated with the brand in-person and online that might not even be tied to advertising or sales at all. 

If a brand is showing up in a relevant way in their life, they’ll pay attention.



So what does this mean for marketers?

It’s thinking holistically and incorporating various touch points in your campaigns. It means pushing boundaries on what’s worked in the past and challenging yourself to embrace new mediums, even if you don’t totally understand them (ahem…Snapchat).

By now most brands have embraced digital marketing and they’re starting to get a solid footing in the social space as well. That being said, many brands have been caught off guard by the heavy impact that influencers are having on consumers. What was once perceived as “Mommy Bloggers – oh, that’s cute” has now evolved into impactful voices with highly-engaged and highly-targeted audiences. Many brands have caught on and leveraged these voices as an integral part of their marketing mix. And the advertising world is finally taking note.

It may be a surprising channel for brands to consider relevant, but it is providing results, and it’s here to stay. These influencers have a loyal following and they’re dominating their space with millions of views from their adoring fans. Consumers trust the influencers they follow because the message resonates with them. So much so, that an influencer campaign can often times be 11 times more effective than a banner ad.


Take a look at your marketing plan for the next year. Does it include a multi-channel strategy? It should. And if you don’t know where to start when it comes to evolving your approach, or you want to test out an influencer campaign with a small, low-risk budget, we’d love to help you with that!