It’s tempting to want to hire the most well-known, largest agencies to help you with your advertising. Aside from the fact that it’ll cost you huge dollars to work with them, bigger isn’t always better – especially when it comes to working with an agency to manage your influencer campaigns.

When you work with a boutique shop, you’re getting a hands-on and personal approach. This is crucial when it comes to selecting influencers to hire. Identifying the right people to work with is one of the biggest decisions and also the biggest challenges when doing an influencer campaign.

Here are three of the core differences when you choose to work with a boutique shop like ours:


It’s Personal

At Rise & Shine, we establish a relationship with our influencers, and consider them part of the team. This makes pairing brands with influencers a much more personal process, and allows us to take into consideration several factors that the larger agencies using automated selection tools just can’t consider. For example:

  • How the influencer is to work and communicate with
  • How their previous campaigns have gone
  • Understanding their broader reach beyond their blog (YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram audience and engagement
  • Taking into consideration their audience’s interests, which may be broader than the influencer’s


Because we’re small, one of the advantages is to be able to work more closely with our influencers to help them grow with us. We support our influencers’ creative needs by offering exclusive marketing and creative services to help their blog stand out. We recognize that when they have professional branding to complement their content, everyone benefits. 



Hands-On Approach

Being smaller allows us to be nimble, and provides the ability to take a hands-on management approach.


We have relationships with our influencers and are actively working with them throughout the process. Our team is able to actively monitor campaign content to ensure messaging, links and photos are all accurate and on track.

We’re able to offer dedicated support and access to senior leadership at all times for our influencers and our clients. Because we’re so committed and involved with each of our campaigns, it makes the process easy for our clients, and allows us to implement turn-key solutions at any budget.



Genuine Engagement

When influencers feel valued, appreciated, and a part of the team, they are eager to continuously produce great work. Larger agencies have a much more difficult time achieving this. Their interaction with their influencers is purely transactional, and as a result, their campaigns reflect that.

The reason influencers are so popular is because of their authentic voice. They are personable and maintain a relationship with their audience. And we want our interaction with influencers to reflect that same sincerity. Being small allows our team to develop deeper, stronger relationships with our influencers, resulting in higher-quality content.

There’s no doubt that larger agencies have resources and tools at their fingertips. And while that’s a value-add for marketing in specific channels, influencer marketing just isn’t one of them. For influencers’ campaigns to appear genuine, their brand relationship has to be genuine.

And in this case, smaller does equal stronger. 




We can help your brand shine

Rise & Shine has been delivering award-winning brand campaigns all over the world for over 15 years. We’ve create brand experiences for consumers online and in-person in authentic and unexpected ways that drive purchase over time.


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