How DOES she do it all?

It’s a question that is regularly asked of working moms. For some women, it’s a choice to continue working professionally after starting a family. For others, continuing to work might be out of financial necessity. Either way, it’s a commitment she has that requires one more priority in the list of things to juggle. But she makes it work. Not always gracefully, and not every day, but she is in fact doing it all. And I’m convinced that this drive and this commitment to being able to do both is actually a really great thing for business. For a lot of people, that seems counterintuitive.

There’s a perception that working moms are in a steady state of distraction – they’ve got one foot in at work and one foot in with family. While I’m sure this is the case for some working moms, there’s a whole other tribe out there of boss moms who are owning their role as mother and professional, and are dong some incredible things.


And, not OR

For so long, young women have been told that they can be this or that. That one little word has drastically impacted the talent in the workforce for many years. But when “and” replaces “or”, we’re looking at a whole new talent pool that’s energized, focused, and most importantly, that’s good for business.


Here’s why.

Around the same time a young woman is starting to advance in her career, she’s also at the prime age for starting a family. We’re seeing these talented young ladies take a break from their careers, or leave the workforce entirely. And there’s nothing wrong with them wanting to swap their title to: Mom, Family COO. But there’s a whole group of women out there who want to do both; and they’re some of the most resourceful and efficient women I’ve seen.

We’re all given the same number of hours each day. By the time the Boss Mom gets in to the office in the morning, she’s very likely already done the dishes, put in a load of laundry, made breakfast and taken her kids to daycare or school. Note, I left off shower and curl her hair because…kids. Let’s be real.


She makes herself a cup of coffee and skips the morning co-worker chit-chat. It’s not that she’s not interested in discussing who did and didn’t get a rose on last night’s Bachelor, she just knows that 4:00 daycare pickup is coming whether she’s finished her work for the day or not. If it’s the latter, she also knows that means that after dinner, homework/activities, bath time, bedtime routines and household stuff (that laundry she threw in in the morning won’t fold itself!), she has to spend time finishing what she didn’t get done at the office. Or worse, she’s trying to multi-task and do it during her precious family time.


There are only so many hours she gets to spend with her family each day and she needs to make them count!


There is a huge incentive for her to focus on getting her job done and doing it as efficiently as possible. These women are doing it all because they are being intentional with their time. They just have to be.


And with more and more companies embracing flexible schedules and remote working, it’s a game changer for the talent pool. It’s giving women the ability and empowerment to not just do both, but to do it well. They’ve said “yes!” to AND.  And the business world thanks you for that, Boss Moms. 


As always, Dream Big!